NAKED NINJA -Nijo-jo Castle- (English Version)
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2020/08/30 23:59 まで販売

NAKED NINJA -Nijo-jo Castle- (English Version)

¥880 税込



With the first ever full-3DCG rendering of Nijo-jo Castle, you can now explore areas typically closed to the public as a "NINJA"! This summer, only the VR set "NAKED NINJA -Nijo-jo Castle-"(VR & GOGGLES) presents you the new 360° VR experience of Nijo-jo Castle! "NAKED NINJA -Nijo-jo Castle- (English Version)" can only be purchased and sent to those with Japanese mailing addresses. However, the content is also available in English for English speakers living in Japan. 日本語バージョンはこちらからご購入ください。 *For safety reasons, the VR kit is intended for users aged 13 years and older. *It might take around a week at the longest for shipping.